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Chiropractic Treatments offerred at our Reading & Southampton Chiropracic Clinics

There are many varied techniques used in chiropractic and the type of treatment offered in chiropractic clinics around the UK can vary. It is the policy of 1st Chiropractic Clinics to work as far as possible in conjunction with mainstream medicine where appropriate.

Treatments used by 1st Chiropractic Clinics in the main may include manipulations, trigger point therapies, massage, myofascial dry needling (which is nearly always painless), the use of blocks, spinal traction, ultrasound and the use of the Interferential modality.

How many visits will I need

This will depend on:

  • Your condition
  • How severe it is
  • How long you have had the condition
  • How quickly you respond to treatment
  • How much of your chiropractor’s advice you follow

After your first examination and diagnosis, how long any further visits last will depend on you condition and the treatment you need.

The chiropractor will probably give you advice on self help, diet and lifestyle. He will review your progress regularly and you will be asked to give your consent to any changes to your treatment plan. At any appropriate time your chiropractor will discuss carrying out any further investigations or referring you to your GP if your condition does not improve.

Will the treatment hurt?

Treatment is usually painless (although there can be an element of discomfort), unless the area treated is inflamed (swollen). This is only usually in the initial stages.