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About 1st Chiropractic Clinics in Reading & Southampton

1st Chiropractic Clinic in Reading was established in 2001 in Woodley and is now an established practice. A further clinic has recently been set up in Southampton to serve the needs of patients in that area.

1st Chiropractic Clinics aim to provide a very caring personal approach to patients and their needs. This is combined with a willingness to recognize a patient’s own commitments and responsibilities and to respond as flexibly as possible by providing appointments that are both convenient and timely.

1st Chiropractic Clinics offer services that are complimentary to those provided by GPs and the NHS, providing a very important form of healthcare not offered by other branches of medicine. GPs rarely have the time and expertise to treat biomechanical disorders themselves, and hospitals tend not to provide care in the form that is offered by a chiropractor.

Chiropractic treatment has now been recognized, nationally and internationally, as a significant and worthy addition to the wealth of other health care options, which has a real and immediate input to the lives of nearly every family.

There is no age limit to the treatment that can be offered, although treatment options vary according to age and other clinical issues. People of all ages, from the newborn to the most senior years as well as those in between can benefit from what chiropractic can offer.

1st Chiropractic Clinics offer a range of treatments and facilities that are based on expertise and experience of what is effective in reducing and preventing pain and in restoring as far as is possible normal biomechanical function.

Treatment is not offered or charged for where there is no significant evidence that it will be of any value. The first duty of a competent and ethical chiropractor is to ensure that a presenting condition is in fact appropriate for chiropractic care and not something that should immediately be referred on elsewhere. It is important that a chiropractor is properly trained.

A wide range of conditions can be treated with chiropractic.

Call 1st Chiropractic Clinics and see just what might be done to help you. Many have told that it was one of the best decisions they have ever made.

Both clinics are easily accessible and with good parking facilities.